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Immigration Solicitors in London

Immigration Solicitors in London
Fox & Allen Veritas Solicitors is a modern and progressive Immigration Law Firm in London, founded by Sabina Angeli, Solicitor with over 10 years experience in Immigration law, fully accredited and is located in the heart of Stratford, East London. Fox & Allen Veritas Solicitors has a high success rate in Immigration Appeals, Asylum and Nationality Applications. We provide advice and representation to Individuals as well as Businesses and advise on a range of Immigration Applications, such as Settlement Applications, Naturalisation/British Nationality, Student Visas, Applications for Sponsorship Lisence and advice on Post Brexit to name but a few.

With years of experience, we are specialists in Human Rights and Asylum Applications as well as detention cases. We are frequently instructed to assist our clients in the following categories: Bail Applications in Immigration Tribunals, Fiancée/Spouse applications, Family visa applications, dependent Adult visas, British Nationality, Settlement/Indefinite Leave to Remain, Asylum and Human Rights claims.

We are known for high attention to detail when preparing your visa application and we will leave no stone unturned in searching for the best outcome. We advise individuals under PBS in Tier 1 Global Talent Visa (formerly Exceptional Talent), Investment, Start up/Innovator visas, Applications for Sponsorship Licences for Companies and continued management and advice in Compliance for HR and under Tier 2 General category for those who have a job offer, challenging Suspension/Revocation of Sponsorship license for Businesses and successful reinstatement.

Additionally, we assist with Tier 4 Student applications, Tier 5 temporary workers applications. Our team has extensive experience in Judicial Review Claims both in High Court and Upper Tribunal to challenge the rejections of Fresh claims, refused applications under PBS, where no right of appeal were given, unlawful detention claims and claims for damages. We have a high success rate in Bail Applications and by making representations to the Home Office for detained clients in Immigration Removal centres. We are regularly instructed in Immigration Appeals and Deportation cases, in particularly on behalf of EEA nationals. We can also assist in applications for permission to appeal to the Upper Tribunal in the dismissed appeals.

We work with the best Barristers in the country, because we believe that our clients deserve the best client care possible. We provide initial consultation on the merits of your immigration matter.


Sabina Angeli is a founder and Principal Solicitor of Fox and Allen Veritas Solicitors. Sabina is experienced Immigration and Public Law Solicitor with over 10 years of experience in Immigration. She has completed her Training Contract at a leading award winning legal aid firm in 2014. She has successfully represented the clients in unlawful detention claims in Immigration Removal Centres against the Secretary of State, she has obtained grants of bails at bail hearings for her many clients. Sabina has also successfully obtained Refugee Statuses for many clients based on their political opinion, sexual orientation, religion and others. In addition, she is  regularly instructed in Family Reunion Applications, Spouse/Fiancée Visas, Business Visitor Visas, British Nationality, Start up/Innovator and Global Talent Visa applications.  She also advises on Applications for Businesses for Sponsorship Licences to sponsor foreign migrants to come to work in the UK and on managements of SMS. More recently, she is heavily involved in Deportation Appeals of both EEA nationals and Non EEA nationals. Sabina's clients often recommend her and keep coming back to her for her unapparelled client care and expertise. Some of her cases are listed below:

E. M. v SSHD - On Appeal, successfully obtained Refugee status of Afghani client based on their political opinion/Article 8 Moral Integrity;

H. M. v SSHD - On Appeal, successfully obtained Refugee status of a politically active female from DRC;

A.A. v SSHD - On Appeal, successfully represented Afghani Christian client in their asylum claim based on religion/belief;

E. T. v SSHD - Application for Indefinite Leave to Remain of a female client from Chechnya based on 5 years leave as Refugee;

M.M - Successfully obtained Spouse visa for a female client from Pakistan;

R. LTD - Successfully challenged suspension of Sponsorship Licence of a company by submitting written representations to the Home Office;

M. M. - Successful Application for Naturalisation/British citizenship  of Bangladeshi client.

UK Immigration

Application Categories

As leading Immigration Solicitors in London our Immigration lawyers can assist you in the following categories below

Application Categories
Immigration Applications 

Applications for Individuals 

Tier 1 Global Talent Visa

British Nationality Applications

Settlement/Indefinite Leave to Remain

Dependants' applications under PBS

Student visas

Schengen visas

Family/Visitor visas

Fiancée/Spouse visas

EU Settlement Scheme Applications

Immigration/Human Rights Appeals

Asylum/Humanitarian Protection Applications

Further submissions/Fresh Claims

EEA Applications

Deportation Appeals

Appeals - advice on merits

Upper Tribunal Appeals

Registration as British of minors

Bail Applications and Hearings

Judicial Review Claims

Stay of Removal Directions

Business Immigration
Certificate of Sponsorship applications for Individual's

Applications for Sponsorship Licence for Businesses/Reinstatement/Challenging Revocation

Advice on Compliance for HR and preparation for Compliance visits

Tier 1 Investor Visa

Tier 2 General

Tier 2 Intra Company Transfer

Tier 5 All categories

Start Up/Innovator visa


Passports' extensions and Applications/Travel documents

Subject Access Request from the UKVI and consideration of file

Sponsorship Declarations

Change of name Deed

Certification of documents

Time scale:

Upon receiving instructions from you, we will provide you with a comprehensive list of documents tailored to your individual circumstances. We will prioritise your Immigration matter if it is urgent. As soon as we have received the requested information and supporting documents and we have reviewed your matter, we shall prepare and submit your application to the  relevant Immigration department bearing in mind applicable deadlines. The timescale on when a decision will be received will depend on the type of application being made and the timeframes of the decision making body. We shall keep you informed of the progress of your matter throughout the entire application process.

Our Fees

Applications and Fees

Applications and Fees

Immigration Applications and our Fees.

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Civil Liberties and Human Rights

Civil Liberties and Human Rights
If you feel you were discriminated against and have been treated unfairly on the basis of your race, nationality, religion, sexual orientation or gender, we can help. Contact us to discuss your case and establish whether your have a claim. We are specialists in Human Rights applications and in defending Civil Liberties.

Document Certification

Document Certification
If you require to certify the document as original or a true copy of the original, we can assist you with document certification services. This is often used when certifying academic certificates, employment letters or identification documents. We also can assist you with change of name by Deed as well as statutory Declarations.


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