Sponsor License Applications

If you are a Business owner and would like to offer employment to a non EEA citizen, you are required to obtain a Sponsor License before you can sponsor a foreign Migrant. There is a process, which you will need to follow and submit the necessary documents to the UKVI for this type of application. You will need to show to the UKVI that you have carried out a resident labour market test (RLMT) in the UK before you can make an application for Sponsor license. The Home Office are looking to establish whether your Business are meeting certain criteria before a license can be granted to you. The criteria include the following points: 

  • Whether your business is lawfully operating in the UK;
  • Whether the key personal are deemed credible and  of good character; 
  • Whether the key personal are able to comply with the duties and responsibilities of a sponsor;
  • Whether upon offering employment, the company can offer a genuine position that meets the appropriate skill and pay rates under Tier 2

Here, at Fox & Allen Veritas Solcitors, we are specialists in representing companies in Sponsor Lisence Applications and can navigate you through this complex application and assist you with obtaing the desired results. Contact us to dscuss your business needs and we will be happy to assist you.