Tier 2 Intra Company Transfer

Tier 2 Intra Company Transfer visa route is a popular choice for professionals If you are currently working for a company outside the UK and you want to work in their UK branch.  

The company in the UK must be a licensed sponsor and they are required to carry out relevant checks to ensure that you can do the job they’re hiring you for and to ensure that you meet the specific requirements of the role. If you are eligible you will be issued with a certificate of sponsorship. They must also give you other information you need to apply for a visa, such as job specification, salary, etc.

To be eligible for this visa you will need to demonstrate that you come within one of the following two sub-categories:


Long-term Staff

You must have worked for the company in which you are being transferred for at least 12 months, unless you will be paid  £73,900 or more a year to work in the UK and you must be transferring to the UK branch to do a skilled job.

This visa will allow you to live and work for the UK branch  for up to 5 years. If you are earning more than £120,000 per year your visa can be valid for up to 9 years.


Graduate trainee

You must be a recent graduate and be transferring to your employer’s UK branch to follow a clearly structured graduate training programme that leads to a specialist role in the company. You need to be a recent graduate with at least 3 months’ experience with your employer overseas. You cannot apply for this category of visa if you are filling a long-term position in the UK branch of the company.

This visa will allow you to live and work for the UK branch of your company for up to 12 months.

There are specific requirements which must be met if you are seeking leave under Tier 2 (Intra Company Transfer). You must:

  • - have a valid certificate of sponsorship for your job
  • show you are being paid an appropriate salary for your job
  • have £945.00 in your bank account for at least 90 consecutive days before you apply, unless, you have a fully approved (‘A-rated’) sponsor who can give you at least £945.00 to cover your costs for a month if you need it; this must be confirmed by your sponsor on the certificate of sponsorship
  • show you can travel and your travel history over the last 5 years
  • have done the tuberculosis test and provide evidence of this, if you are from a listed country
  • be able to show you have worked for your employer outside the UK